All Pro Dad Men’s Study Week Eight: Know Your Master


The men in our office wrapped up the All Pro Dad men’s study this week.  The eight weeks went by quickly and we had a great time going through the study together.  Learning truths about fatherhood and living out those truths in our daily lives really affirmed to us the importance of our mission here at Family First: To provide parenting, marriage, and relational truth that helps people love their family well and gives them greater hope for the future.  I hope that, as you come to the end of the All Pro Dad men’s study, you can better love your family and that you feel hopeful about how being an All Pro Dad to your kids can literally change lives for generations to come.

Think back to the first week that your small group met and started going through the All Pro Dad men’s study together.  When you were invited to join your group, why did you do so?  What made you decide to set aside some time in your hectic schedule to meet with other men to discuss fatherhood?  Maybe you just thought you wanted to be a better dad. Maybe you wanted find a way to be a real hero to your kids. Or, maybe, just maybe, you wanted something even more.  You wanted to find ultimate satisfaction and happiness in life.

Things—fame, fortune, power, pleasure—will never satisfy us; only the Master for whom we were created can do that. C.S. Lewis said that human history is “the long terrible story of man trying to find something other than God which will make him happy.” Maybe it’s time for you to rewrite that story and trust God and make him your Master. He’s your source of life, true happiness, and love.

God is the perfect Father. The better you know Him, the more you will understand how He fathers you with an unfailing love; and the more like Him you become, the better you’ll be as a father to your children.

I really appreciate you taking part in the All Pro Dad men’s study.  In the comments section below, please share with me how this study, and the time you’ve spent over the last eight weeks with the guys in your group, has impacted your life.

You can also take the All Pro Dad men’s study to your church or other men in your lives.  Check out or to order additional kits and member books today!

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