7 Things to Do for Your Spouse in the Next 7 Days

put your spouse first

It’s all too easy to put ourselves first. We spend our time doing what makes us happiest. We make decisions based on what makes us happiest. And we put our efforts into what makes us happiest. But this week, I’d like to challenge you to put your spouse first.

So if you’re up for the challenge, here are 7 simple things to do for your spouse in the next 7 days.

1. Monday: Send an encouraging text to start your spouse’s week off right.

There’s nothing like a compliment to get the week rolling in the right direction. So shoot your spouse a quick text like I love being married to you! or You’re gonna do great at work today! These 10 things wives want to hear from their husbands and 10 things husbands want to hear from their wives will give you some ideas as well.

2. Tuesday: Cook the family dinner.

Sitting around the kitchen table as a family is a great way to reconnect with your spouse and kids. So offer to cook dinner and create an atmosphere of love and fun. Here are 4 tips for having a family dinner.

3. Wednesday: Write a quick handwritten note saying why you’re thankful for your spouse.

We all want to be appreciated. So show your spouse you notice their hard work by writing I’m so thankful for how you always take care of the dishes and let me relax, or I appreciate how patiently you help our kids with their homework. 

4. Thursday: Take an evening walk or bike ride together.

Quantity time is crucial to a strong marriage. That’s why a simple walk or bike ride is an easy way to have some alone time in the midst of life’s crazy schedule.

5. Friday: Plan a romantic date for you and your spouse.

Dating your spouse is an important way to keep the passion and romance alive in your marriage. So plan a special night out for you and your spouse. Not sure where to take your spouse on a date? Check out these 8 outside the box date night ideas.

6. Saturday: Let your spouse sleep in and cook them breakfast in bed.

After a long hard week, let your spouse sleep in. Take care of the kids and bring your spouse breakfast in bed while they enjoy some much-needed relaxation.

7. Sunday: Take your spouse to church.

And finally, the most important thing to do with your spouse this week is to go to church. Worship is the ultimate way to honor God together as a couple.

What are some other ways to serve your spouse this week? Please share your ideas in a comment below.

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