6 Ways I Pledge to Be a Better Elf


As Christmastime approaches, my mind goes into energy saving mode and I start relaxing. That means I power down my intensity, relax more, and reflect more. And that’s all good. But sometimes I take it a bit too far and forget that Susan needs my help for the holidays.

Susan has a lot of energy and really, really cherishes this most wonderful time of the year. She takes charge and somehow always makes the Christmas season such a wonderful experience for our family. But I know it would be so much more enjoyable for her if I pitched in more. So, instead of letting all the pressure fall on my wife to make the holidays great, it’s my turn to take on more of the responsibility.  That’s why this year, I pledge to be a better elf.

1. Get Christmas boxes out of the attic without having to be asked twice.

I never understand what all of those boxes labeled “Christmas” could possibly contain.  It’s as if they multiply all year long so that there are somehow always more boxes than I remember.  Yet, I pledge to get all the boxes out of the attic the first time Susan asks me.

2. Be less intense and hard-charging about picking out our Christmas tree.

I like to seek and conquer when I shop. But to put us in the spirit of the season, I pledge to be more laid back and just enjoy the hunt for our Christmas tree.

3. Decorate more.

When I notice my wife hanging the stockings by the fireplace and ornaments on the tree, I pledge to join her in decorating more.  Instead of drinking hot chocolate, watching from the couch, and waiting to be asked to contribute, I pledge to consistently ask my wife, “What can I do to help?”

4. Watch Christmas Classics.

This year, I pledge to watch more classic Christmas movies with my kids, now adult children, when they’re home for the holidays. From Rudolph to Frosty to It’s a Wonderful Life (my favorite), I hope to snuggle up on the couch as a family and enjoy this time together.

5. Go look at lights.

One evening, I pledge to take a drive with my family through nearby neighborhoods to see the Christmas lights.  No phones, no distractions…just my family enjoying beautiful sights and good conversation.

6. Help wrap presents.

Instead of leaving most of the gift-wrapping to my wife, I pledge to help wrap presents this year.

We can all help out more when it comes to getting ready for the holidays.  So what are some ways you can help your spouse make this Christmas the best one yet?  Feel free to leave your ideas in a comment below.

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