5 Ways to Survive When Bad Things Happen

when bad things happen

If you are breathing, at some point, you’ll experience something bad in your life. It’s inevitable. So, when that day comes, how do you keep moving forward without letting it paralyze you?

Below are 5 ways to survive when bad things happen:

1. Grieve: It’s okay to cry. It’s okay to mourn a loss of someone or something. Take time to grieve about your loss.

2. Talk with someone: Get it off your chest. Holding your difficult circumstances inside can only lead to negative emotions, self-destructive behavior, or even illness. And, when you speak it aloud, it loses its power in your life.

3. Take a breath: Be patient. Take time to process and reflect on your circumstances. Time has a way of giving perspective. So, don’t react, respond instead with patience and prayer.

4. Count your blessings: Focus on what you have to be thankful for now. And then, look back and be thankful for all the things you have already survived. 

5. Take that first step: Start the process of rebuilding, repairing, or recovery. If you struggle with an addiction, join a group to help you recover from it. If you damaged a relationship, seek forgiveness, and seek counseling to help you repair it.  If you lost a family member or friend, look to God and love those who are still with you.

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