5 Places You and Your Kids Can Serve Others


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. told us what greatness is all about when he said, “Everyone can be great because everyone can serve.” One of our jobs as parents is to talk to our kids about the significance of serving others and show them how to do it. Here are 5 places you and your kids can serve others.

1. Serve in your home.

You don’t have to look any farther than the four walls of your home to serve others. Doing chores together around the house, like washing dishes, vacuuming, and taking the garbage out, even when it isn’t your job, will teach your child how to serve.

2. Serve in your neighborhood.

Do you have a widow living next door? Mow her yard. Is there an overwhelmed single mom or dad nearby? Babysit his or her child for free.

3. Serve in your community.

Most communities have facilities to feed the hungry and house the poor. Offer to help. There are many lonely elderly people in nursing homes who would cherish a visit from you and your child.

4. Serve in your country.

There are people in need all over your state and nation. Children in the foster care system need nurturing families. There are many children awaiting adoption who need a permanent place to lay their heads, be hugged, and be loved. Find a way to show soldiers from your area that you appreciate their sacrifice.

5. Serve in your world.

Many Americans don’t understand extreme poverty. There are countries where people are searching for clean water to drink and food to sustain their lives. Perhaps you are able to travel abroad to help those who hurt, or financially support an organization that addresses some of these needs.

Please share with me how you and your family are serving others.

(Portions of the foregoing were excerpted from All Pro Dad: Seven Essentials to Be a Hero to Your Kids by Mark Merrill, Thomas Nelson publishers, 2012; available at www.AllProDadBook.com)

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