5 Creative and Unique Types of Valentine’s Day Gifts

valentines day gift ideas

It’s here again: Valentine’s Day. And as the day approaches, you may want to learn The Real Story Behind Valentine’s Day. You’ll also want to get ready to express your love to your spouse and do something memorable.

In the past, I’ve blogged about creative ideas for Valentine’s Day. But today, I want to step back and take a look at some creative and unique types of valentine’s day gift ideas, with some examples, that might spur you on to your own creative gift giving. And husbands, here’s a hint: These can be gift ideas for any reason, or no reason at all, throughout the year.

Gifts of Memories

These gifts are meant to evoke great memories of wonderful times you’ve had with your spouse.

  • Gather some photos (scan them digitally if they are predigital cameras) and use an online service to make a photo memory book of your life together for your spouse.
  • Get a gift card for the three restaurants where you’ve had the most special dinner dates and say, “Let’s relive our favorite times together again this year.”
  • Get flowers and tie a little message to each flower that tells of a special memory you have of your spouse.

Gifts of Experiences

Create an experience, something fun and unique, as a gift.

  • Turn your home into a restaurant, complete with kids as the wait staff. Have dinner and a movie at home, but treat your living room like a theater (complete with tickets and popcorn, etc.). Pick a movie that you know your spouse loves or reminds you of when you were dating or first married.
  • Pick a class or activity that you’ve talked about doing together: ballroom dancing, painting, guitar lessons, golf, etc. Present a gift certificate for that activity to your spouse.
  • Plan a special Valentine’s getaway weekend for the two of you to a special place.

Gifts of Time

Look for some creative ways to offer time with your spouse as a gift this Valentine’s Day.

  • Instead of just a gift card for a store where your spouse likes to shop, add an element of time together. Write a note that says you’d like to spend the evening with your spouse cashing it in.  You might learn more about your spouse’s tastes this way, while enjoying time together too.
  • Not sure about that spa/massage idea? How about offering to give your spouse a long back massage yourself?  Time together where your focusing on your spouse can also be healthy.
  • Give your spouse a “day together” certificate they can cash-in during the year. Take a day or half day off to have lunch, do some shopping, go for a hike or just hang out doing whatever your spouse chooses.

Gifts of Service

Serve your spouse by doing things for them that you normally might not do.

  • Create cards that your spouse can cash-in for your help on something around the house.
  • Clean your spouse’s car.
  • Serve your spouse breakfast in bed on Valentine’s Day.

Remember: It’s not just what you give your spouse. What matters even more is how much thought and care you put into the Valentine’s Day gift.  The type of gift you choose can show how well you know someone, how much you understand someone, and how special and cared for you want that special someone to feel.

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What other types of gifts have you given or received? How did that help your relationship? Share your comment below.

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