3 Things Dads Should Avoid This Summer

things to avoid

Ahh, summertime. Who doesn’t look forward to a little warm weather and relaxation? Lots of time with the family gives you plenty of opportunities to make an impact on them. However, remind yourself that your kids look up to you; not only for your strengths but also for your imperfections. So commit yourself this summer to being a role model you’ll want your kids to follow. To be that role model, there are things to avoid. Here are 3 things dads should avoid this summer.

1. Avoid a chaotic household.

A chaotic household only happens due to lack of forethought and directive parenting. No matter what age the children are, we can plan ahead and avoid getting caught off guard. Now is the time to plan camps, vacations, budgets, and responsibilities. Don’t flounder, think ahead. In partnership with your lovely wife, be the man with the plan. Here is a printable chore chart to help organize the chaos.

2. Avoid yard work.

While you’re planning, plan to avoid that yard work we were griping about. Dads have children and children thrive on learning; they thrive on responsibility and they thrive on positive expectations. Make sure regular yard work is one of the expectations. Make it clear, make it practical, and then hold them accountable.

3. Avoid extending your debt.

Let’s face it, summer can be expensive. Extra stuff for the kids to do, extra trips, extra spending money, extra stress. All Pro Dads need to remember the long-term pain associated with a short-term charge we really can’t afford. Your family doesn’t need the extra debt, and there are great choices when it comes to affordable summertime activities.

What would you add to this list?

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