3 Reasons I Listen to My Kids’ Advice


I was surprised with an unexpected gift from my kids recently: a new wardrobe.  With my daughters getting older, they have taken it upon themselves to declare my outfits outdated and “embarrassing.”  They presented me with new polos, stylish shorts, and even some fresh button-down shirts.  In response, I was told that I had to get rid of my beloved cargo shorts. Now, while we certainly laughed about it, it got me thinking about the value of my kids’ advice.  This may have just been a simple family experience, but should I listen to them more on a daily basis?  Could I actually learn from them?

I’ve discovered these three reasons to listen to my kids’ advice:

  1. I can learn to be cool:  When I hear that the way I dress is sometimes lame, my first reaction is to get defensive.  Yet, I need to remember the importance of the way my kids first noticed and cared enough to approach me about my closet contents.  My kids can also give me insight not only in the way I dress, but also as to how I can keep up with the current culture.
  2. I can be encouraged to love my wife:  When I think about my kids reaching a point in their lives when they will begin contemplating marriage for the first time, I want them to remember Susan and me.  Knowing that they are watching how I handle life with my wife now, I am constantly encouraged to love her well so that they understand how a Godly marriage works.
  3. I can build a relationship with my kids:  I’m slowly learning how important it is to value the opinions of my kids.  By treating them as individuals with intelligent ideas, I’m able to strengthen my relationship with them.


 What’s some of the best advice your kids have given you? Please share with me below.

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