3 Actions to Take When Feeling Worthless

feeling worthless

Apparently, a lot of us know someone or are that someone, who is struggling with feeling worthless. A post I wrote a few months ago on 3 truths to remember when you’re feeling worthless had a lot of comments and shares.

What you choose to think about is the first step to responding in a healthy way to desperation, inadequacy, and failure. You have to focus your thoughts on truths that counter the meandering doubts in your head and heart. But you also need to respond.

In addition to those truths to remember, here are 3 actions you should take when you’re feeling worthless:

1. Look for someone who has a need you can fill and help them.

One of the best ways to get your mind off the things that weigh you down about yourself is to turn your focus to others who need your help. You might find others who are in more desperate situations than you, or you may realize that you can help someone with a very simple need. Either way, it helps to serve others. Find ways to serve those in need in your community, church, school, or neighborhood by using the gifts God has given you.

2. Start…or continue…taking care of yourself physically.

Exercise and good nutrition do wonders for our bodies but also for our heart and soul. Even just taking a brisk walk for a while can do wonders. When your body is refreshed, it’s easier to look at life more objectively and more optimistically. So get up off the couch or out of bed and go for a walk, try a new fruit or cut back on something unhealthy in your diet as a small step toward a better feeling you.

3. Take inventory of your accomplishments and skills with help.

As I wrote in the last blog, you weren’t meant to have to go through these difficulties in life all alone. Look for people who see things in you that you can’t even see in yourself. Ask for their help to document for yourself what you are good at, what you have achieved, and what you have the potential to improve. Often an outside perspective is just what you need to look at yourself…and the world around you…with more clarity and hope.

There are a lot of other good steps you can take including asking for the input of a good counselor or pastor.  It’s certainly a common part of the human experience to struggle with these kinds of feelings, even the most accomplished figures in history have been plagued by doubts and worries about their true worth and abilities. So be encouraged, and look for ways to encourage others as well.

You can start by adding your thoughts of encouragement and helpful actions to take in the comments section below!

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