#129 Unfair Expectations You May Have of Your Spouse (Podcast)

expectations in marriage

Expectations: It’s a huge word in marriage and something that many couples, ourselves included, struggle over. We oftentimes have unfair and unrealistic expectations when we go into marriage or even throughout our marriage. When we were writing our two new books Lists to Love By for Busy Husbands and Lists to Love By for Busy Wives, we found that this was a common denominator that was present in many of the historic blogs as well as current blog posts. People were looking for what should I expect from my husband, what should I expect from my wife, and what should I expect from our marriage. Expectations in marriage could be the biggest threat to your relationship.

Today, we will be discussing unfair expectations you may have of your spouse.

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Unfair Expectations You May Have of Your Spouse:

  1. (Wives) Expect that he should get you.
  2. (Husbands) Expect that she always needs your help.
  3. (Wives) Expect that he will never be tempted by other women.
  4. (Husbands) Expect that she’s always ready for sex.
  5. (Wives) Expect that he will have the same daily priorities as you do.
  6. (Husbands) Expect that she will agree with you on financial matters.

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