#123: What Not to Say to Your Spouse During a Fight (Podcast)

what not to say

Toxic words poison, and sometimes even kill relationships. I confess there have been too many times when harsh, harmful words have come out of my mouth toward my wife, Susan.  It grieves me. I’m continually working hard to choose my words wisely.

In the midst of a disagreement, we have the power with the words we choose to either escalate or disarm the situation. Saying the wrong thing can be like pushing an escalation button. With that in mind, today Susan and I are going to discuss what not to say to your spouse during a fight.

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Discussion Recap

What not to say to your spouse during a fight:

  1. “You’re such a ______.”
  2. “Well, at least ____”
  3. “I don’t care.”
  4. “You’re being ridiculous.”
  5. “I may have done that, but you ____.”
  6.  “So and so wouldn’t react the way you are.”  Or “You’re being just like your ____.”
  7. “You need to pray about that and get right with God.”

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