#113: 4 Ways to Crush Comparison in Marriage (Podcast)

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The topic we will be discussing today is increasingly becoming more of an issue in relationships and in marriages. A lot of it has to do with technology and this is what it is: comparison.

If you feel like the marriage grass is greener on the other side when you look at other couples, it could be that you’re not watering your own lawn enough and spending too much time looking at theirs. Alongside issues like being critical or controlling, comparing your marriage to others’ seems pretty innocuous. But I believe that it’s the front door through which other relationship killers can gain access to our lives. Susan and I talk about how dangerous comparison is in our Marriage Killers podcast.

The problem with marriage “comparison shopping” is that it can lead to buyer’s remorse. Especially in the age of social media where we spend a great deal of time peering into the lives of others, it’s easy to get the idea that everyone else has it great, and you’d love to trade places. But not so fast. On today’s episode, Susan and I will discuss 4 ways you can crush comparison in your marriage.

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Discussion Recap

4 Ways to Crush Comparison in Marriage

  1. You can’t be envious and grateful at the same time.
  2. You don’t know the whole story.
  3. Comparison is the enemy of joy.
  4. Insecure? Who, me?

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