#97 How to Find Joy in the Daily Grind (Podcast)

hoe to find joy

Joy: We all want it, but few of us have it. Why? Because every day, people and circumstances overwhelm our lives and steal our joy. Things like fear, anxiety, jealousy, death, loneliness, and illness sneak in. These difficulties consume our thoughts and drain our energy until we’re left feeling incapable of joy. But in spite of these setbacks, I believe joy is still possible. And I believe you deserve to find that joy!

So on today’s podcast, my wife, Susan, and I will be sharing 3 ways to find joy in the daily grind.

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Discussion Recap

3 Ways to Find Joy in the Daily Grind

  1. Develop an attitude of gratitude.
  2. Let go of control.
  3. Be God-dependent, not self-dependent.

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Confession: I’m Struggling to Find Joy in the Daily Grind

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