#087: How to Form Authentic Relationships with Producer Jon Erwin

authentic relationships

It’s easy to find a fair-weather friend. But how do we find someone to stand by us through the storms? Authentic relationships require evaluation, reconciliation, and restoration. We must evaluate where we may have wronged someone, reconcile that issue, and then restore the relationship through faith and healing.

So on today’s podcast, we’ll be talking with producer Jon Erwin about how to form authentic relationships based on his latest movie Woodlawn.

Jon and Andrew Erwin are a unique team of brothers who direct and produce faith-based movies. Their award-winning films include October Baby, Mom’s Night Out, and most recently—Woodlawn. Together, Jon and his wife, Beth, have three young children.

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Discussion Recap 

3 Steps to Forming Authentic Relationships

  1. Evaluate the relationship
  2. Reconcile the relationship
  3. Restore the relationship

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