#081: Your Sacred Yes: Sometimes the Wisest Yes is a No (Podcast)

sacred yes

Life is demanding. No one can debate that! We’re constantly being asked to help with this or volunteer for that. Our first instinct is to say yes to every opportunity—yes to more work hours, yes to another activity for the kids, yes to helping with a new charity.

Sure. These are good things, but they become not so good when they take over our lives, leaving us overworked and underjoyed. So what’s the solution? Well, in her new book, Your Sacred Yes: Trading Life-Draining Obligations for Freedom, Passion & Joy, Susie shares guidelines for when to say yes and when to say no. You may know Susie Larson from her career as a popular radio host and national speaker. She and her husband Kevin have 3 married sons. Join us on today’s podcast as we discuss 3 guidelines for giving a sacred yes.

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Discussion Recap 

3 Guidelines for Giving a Sacred Yes

  1. Say Yes to Rest.
  2. Say Yes to Humility.
  3. Say Yes to Necessary Change.

Episode Resources 

To purchase a copy of Susie’s book Your Sacred Yes, click here.

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