#074: 4 Common Mistakes Husbands and Wives Make in Marriage (Podcast)

relationship mistakes

News flash: No one is perfect. And that means no marriage is perfect either. Every marriage is full of relationship mistakes. Husbands get lazy, break promises, and put their work before their families. Wives say hurtful things, start nagging, and can be disrespectful.

But, by identifying some of these common mistakes, a healthier and more vibrant marriage is possible! So on today’s show, my wife, Susan, and I will be sharing 4 common relationship mistakes husbands and wives make in marriage.

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Discussion Recap 

4 Common Mistakes Husbands and Wives Make in Marriage:

  1. Not putting your spouse before your kids
  2. Not respecting your spouse
  3. Not confiding in your spouse
  4. Not being intimate with your spouse

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