#071: You Might Be a Family Guy if…with Jeff Foxworthy (Podcast)

being a dad

What does it mean to be a family guy? Comedian Jeff Foxworthy shares how you might be a family guy if…you are intentional about spending time with your kids. And that you may need to stop doing things for a season in order to make being a dad your priority.

Jeff Foxworthy reminds us: “Life is about choices and consequences. And nothing else that I do in my lifetime is gonna matter a hundred years from now. It’s not gonna matter how many records I sold or how many books, but the kids that I leave behind and the kids that they have, that’s gonna be the only thing that matters a hundred years from now. And so they were always the priority.”

So on today’s podcast, Jeff Foxworthy shares what else a family guy does.

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Discussion Recap 

  • What does being a family guy mean to you?
    • What you do is not who you are
    • Your kids know they are your priority
    • Stop doing things that interfere with your time with your children
    • Focus on what matters and leave a legacy
  • What does being a good example to our kids look like on a daily basis?
    • Love their mother
    • Be consistent
    • Know what is most important to you and act accordingly
    • Think ahead
  • How do you find humor in everyday family interactions?
  • What’s one humorous thing that has occurred in your family over the past few months or past year?

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