#069: Every Man’s Battle with Steve Arterburn (Podcast)

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Do you need to win the war on sexual temptation? What do you say to a man who thinks calling it a battle is taking it a bit too far? In reality, pornography is the short-sighted process of self-gratification. And, unbeknownst to the pornography user, they are also funding the sex industry. Therefore, pornography is the battle, but the sex industry is the war.

And unfortunately, these seemingly small temptations have the power to ruin personal relationships as well. But, instead of giving up and giving in, author Steve Arterburn and I will be equipping listeners with the best weapons to fight against sexual temptation and to regain sexual integrity. Listen in as we discuss the 3 ways to fight against sexual temptation.

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Discussion Recap 

What is Every Man’s Battle:

  • Faithful to your character as a man
  • Faithful to kind, generous, and respectful treatment of all women
  • Faithful to your wife

3 Ways to Fight Against Sexual Temptation:

  • Fight with your eyes: Bounce your eyes away from things that stir up the sex drive, lust, and desire for things that don’t belong to you.
  • Fight with your mind: Open the gate and let the image out of the corral of your mind. Change the way you think.
  • Fight with your heart: Men become men in the company of men. Protect your character with the accountability of other healthy men – authentically, honestly.

Episode Resources

Call for help in your struggle with sexual integriy: 1-800 New Life

New Life TV: Subscription TV Channel

Take the Dare! 30-Day Sexual Integrity Challenge

Steve Arterburn’s books: Every Man’s Battle; Every Young Man’s Battle; Preparing Your Son for Every Young Man’s Battle. To purchase a copy of Steve’s book Every Man’s Battle, click here.

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