#066: The Truth about Pornography (Podcast)

truth about porn

No one is immune to pornography. Everywhere you turn, it’s becoming more and more available. At the same time, men are becoming less and less aware of its harmful nature and its lasting impacts. So how can you live honorably in a sex-driven culture? How can you avoid taking that “second look”? Well, on today’s episode, Kevin Delaney will answer these questions as we discuss the dangers of pornography. Everyone needs to know the truth about porn.

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Discussion Recap 

The Truth about Pornography:

  • Pornography is a slippery slope that controls your heart and mind.
  • Pornography severely impacts your marriage and how you relate to your wife.
  • Pornography should be seriously addressed and abandoned as quickly as possible. 

Episode Resources 

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  • MissDottyQ

    Thank you both for bringing this to light, this topic does need to be brought to light and addressed, just as you both have done. I am in a relationship with my partner , who struggles with porn, and in saying this I have also struggled with porn (I’m the female) but I put porn on for the both of us because after years of watching porn together and catching him out on watching porn on his own, I now feel like I’m no longer enough to light his fire of desire, so when we don’t have porn in our life, sex becomes and feels boring! One of the reasons why I bring it back into our bedrooms to spice up our lives and to get him “flying off his handle”, but then the cycle of watching porn secretly starts again, and then we go back to “being good”, then we get bored and then we go back to watching porn again, whether alone or together. He seems to think that porn does not effect me as in being insecure and not feeling loved and beautiful and feeling ugly because my body is not like those in the movies, I am a proud mother of four! But at the same time I feel like I’m not beautiful enough so here’s a movie for him to watch to get him excited! It’s such a damaging and vile spiral of self destruction that is not easily overcome! But if I were to bring this up with my partner he would feel like he’s being attacked (because this has been part of his life for so long) and he would feel ashamed as well which would revert him back into watching porn as he would do this now then to hurt me! And get something back at me.

  • Only a few would have courage to do this. Well said. This is especially a good article to be shared with teens, right?