#064: Persevering through the Perils of Marriage and Parenting with Comedian Tim Hawkins (Podcast)

parenting stress

There’s nothing funny about marriage or parenting stress…or is there? We crave order, stability, and peace. But life is crazy, loud, and always changing. So it’s easy to see why we get overwhelmed by the unpredictable moments in life. Sometimes getting through life’s messes requires us to step back and enjoy the incredible family we’ve been given. And today, we’re going to be learning how to do just that. On this episode, comedian and musician Tim Hawkins will be sharing how laughter can help us persevere through the perils of marriage and parenting.

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Discussion Recap 

Persevering through the Perils of Marriage and Parenting Means:

  • Laughing more
  • Loving more

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