#057: 5 Ways Parents Frustrate Their Teens (Podcast)

parents and teens

As parents, there are many times our teens frustrate us. However, we need to remember that they are struggling with their identity, acceptance, attention, control, and freedom. So the reverse is often true as well: Our teens get frustrated with us. 

So how can we, as parents, avoid being on our teenager’s list of frustrations and put an end to that seemingly endless struggle between parents and teens? By understanding how we frustrate them and learning to change for the better! On today’s show, I’ll be discussing 5 Ways Parents Frustrate Their Teens.

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Discussion Recap    

5 Ways Parents Frustrate Their Teens:

  • Parents make all of their teens’ decisions for them
  • Parents have lots of rules without a relationship
  • Parents compare their teens to others
  • Parents never listen to their teens
  • Parents show conditional love

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