#047: 7 Ways to Equip Your Son for Manhood (Podcast)

equip your son for manhood

When my boys were young, I couldn’t imagine what they’d be like as men. But before I knew it, they were growing up. Learning to catch in the backyard turned into Friday night touchdowns. The spelling bee turned into the SAT. And chasing girls on the playground turned into chasing girls down to be their prom date. But before our boys become men, there are a few things we need to teach them. Join me on today’s show as I share 10 ways to equip your son for manhood. And remember, it’s important for you to model this behavior for them as well.

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Discussion Recap

Equip Your Son for Manhood by Teaching Him to…

  1. Be a gentleman
  2. Be respectful
  3. Be responsible
  4. Be selfless
  5. Be generous
  6. Be different
  7. Be honest

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