#046: 7 Ways to Be a Hero to Your Husband (Podcast)

be a hero

Everyone loves a good superhero. There’s something incredible about the way heroes have the ability to somehow always save the day—no matter how difficult the circumstances. In the same way, we often face difficult circumstances in our marriages—from raising rebellious kids to losing jobs to simple miscommunication. And we wish we knew how to swoop in and save the day.

So while I can’t give you superpowers, I can give you the power of insight regarding your spouse. On today’s podcast, I’ll be sharing 7 ways to be a hero to your husband.

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Discussion Recap

Be your husband’s hero by…

1. Praising him in front of the kids
2. Engaging in something he enjoys
3. Respecting his decisions, abilities, and judgment
4. Supporting him
5. Being affectionate with him
6. Communicating clearly
7. Pursuing peace

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