#029: Life Lessons with Danny Wuerffel (Podcast)

Life Lessons Danny Wuerffel

On today’s episode we have author, speaker, and Heisman trophy winner Danny Wuerffel on the show to discuss some of the life lessons he’s learned. During his time at the University of Florida (my alma mater), Danny set 17 NCAA records. He was recently inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame. After playing in the NFL for multiple seasons, Danny retired to do full-time work with Desire Street Ministries in New Orleans to help revitalize one of America’s most impoverished neighborhoods. Listen below as Danny and I discuss fatherhood, football, family, and our All Pro Dad Live event which Danny will attend.

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Discussion Recap

  • Danny’s experiences in the NCAA and NFL
  • The work he does with Desire Street Ministries
  • How he tries to be a role model for the children at Desire Street Ministries
  • How he keeps his marriage and family a top priority during a time of busyness
  • His battle with Guillain Barre Syndrome and what he’s learned through the situation
  • The message Danny hopes to bring at All Pro Dad Live

Episode Resources

Desire Street Ministries

Why Busyness is Not a Badge of Honor

Why Silence and Solitude Are So Important

All Pro Dad Live

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