#027: 6 Ways to Know You’re Being a Good Parent (Podcast)

being a good parent

At some point, every father and every mother asks themselves these questions, “Am I being a good parent? Am I doing this thing right?” We all question ourselves when it comes to parenting.

Well, on today’s episode, we are going to discuss 6 ways to know you’re being a good parent. Listen below as my wife Susan and I discuss.

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6 Ways to Know You’re Being a Good Parent

1. When they share their fears and dreams with you.

2. When they ask to do something or go somewhere with you alone.

3. When they melt down with you because you are the only one they know they can melt down with.

4. When they make a mistake, their pride has been hurt, and they come to you to cry.

5. When you see them living out lessons that you spent years teaching.

6. When you teach your children absolute truths.

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