#021: Secrets of a Happy Marriage with Fawn Weaver Part 2 (Podcast)

happy marriage

On today’s episode we have Fawn Weaver, the founder of The Happy Wives Club. Fawn has traveled to twelve countries and six continents interviewing couples with 25 years or more of marriage experience in order to discover the secrets of a happy marriage.

In the last episode, we talked about the first five secrets of a happy marriage and today we will finishing discussing the remaining seven. Listen below as Fawn and I discuss the rest of the 12 secrets of a happy marriage.

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Remaining secrets of happy marriage

6. Create a daily ritual.

7. Date your spouse.

8. Support your spouse.

9. Friendship is essential.

10. Nurture your marriage.

11.  No Plan B.

12. Only surround yourself with people who believe in marriage as you do.

Bonus: Happy Wife + Happy Husband = Fountain of Youth

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