#019: Creative Discipline Ideas for Kids (Podcast)

Creative Discipline Ideas For Kids

Last month, we talked about how to discipline your child. Today we want to follow up by discussing creative discipline ideas for kids.  If you’re in a discipline rut with your child and things aren’t working for you, listen below for some new ideas.

My wife Susan joins us to share the 21 Creative Consequences tool that iMOM developed for moms to offer more creative discipline ideas.

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Creative Discipline Ideas

  • Make a homemade “correction” can and fill it with tickets or slips of paper with various consequences written on them. This helps combat the “that’s not fair” battle, as consequences are chosen at random.
  • An especially tough but effective correction for teenagers who forget to wear their seat belts is to add an additional day past their sixteenth birthday before they can take their driver’s test. This can help your child not to feel entitled.
  • If your child is impulsive or hyper, develop a code word or signal that reminds him or her to calm or settle down. This is not so much a consequence as behavior modification to help instill good manners.
  • Next time your child “forgets” to put something away, like video games or sports equipment, put it away for him. When he asks where it is, tell him that he’ll just have to look for it in Clutter Jail (Printable).
  • Tell your child who’s having a tantrum to go to her room to continue her fit. She isn’t allowed to come out and she has to keep crying for 10 minutes.
  • Walk your child through the Consequence Calculator (Printable).

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