#002: 7 Love Actions for Spouses (Podcast)

7 Love Actions for Spouses

Movies, social media, and reality television can often make us believe that a grand gesture equates big love.  However, I’d suggest that small actions of love add up to a lot more than one big gesture. It’s the little things, day in and day out, that show the love and unwavering commitment you have to your marriage. Below are the 7 Love Actions for Spouses I shared in this episode.

  1. Write a Note
  2. Bring Flowers
  3. Make the Bed
  4. Cook Dinner
  5. Plan a Creative Date Night
  6. Hold Hands
  7. Call and Text

Start with one of these 7 actions and then make up your own 7 actions that fit your spouse’s needs.



Listener Questions

1. Barney asked, “How do you draw out your wife’s love generosity towards you?”

2. Chris asked, “What questions can I ask myself or my wife to keep our relationship strong?”

3. John asked, “What is on your daddy-daughter bucket list?”

Resources Mentioned in the Episode

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