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  • Ejfrost

    Hi Mark,
    Help, my oldest daughter at 10 years will tell these lies and I don’t know how to stop it. I am so afraid it will keep getting worse and worse. She knows what she is doing is wrong and we have had many long conversations about the lost of trust that is happening when she lies. Her reasoning is she just can’t stop herself and she didn’t want to get into trouble. Her lying has caused her to get into more trouble and loss of privileges but it still hasn’t hit home with her. I am at a loss on what to do next, loss of electronics or being grounded isn’t working. Any suggestions?

  • Tammy

    When i was a child I got into trouble for a lie or the truth so i just figured out which to try first.  Maybe adding positive reinforces when the truth is told will help…maybe

  • Sandra

    4 mos. later I am reading your post Ejfrost.  Before I had a personal relationship with TRUTH Himself (my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ), I began lying when I thought it would prevent possible trouble for either myself or someone else.  I learned it from my parents who were hypocritical in the way they behaved toward my Grandmother.  I got different messages about how to live life from both of them.  Thankfully, the snowball of lies culminated in my reaping the results.  I allowed my parents to choose my destiny at that point.  Either way, I believe the LORD used my sins to bring me to HIM.  Be sure you are not the cause of her lies.  Pray much!  ; )

  • Sandy

    Mark,  I am writing about the section in your blog on “Affair Proof” Your Marriage.  I am angry as I type this.  I would REALLY love to hear someone from the Christian community acknowledge that wives have sexual desires and needs that, often times than not, are not being met either.  It is NOT just the husbands who are affected by the lack of interest.  Have you spoken to women or created an atmosphere in which they feel safe to address this?  I have only to see if I’m crazy. I have spent the better part of 26 years listening to men speak on marriage and addressing this as only a male deprived problem which leads to temptation of infidelity. Speaking on the subject as if to tell wives to take care of their men because they have sex drives that we don’t.  God created men AND women with sex drives.  I for one and happy about that. I wish the world and the Christian Community would acknowledge that more.  Please know that I mean no disrespect as I write this.  I only want to convey my frustration on this subject as I know other women feel the same.  PLEASE, revise your blog to make it a couple problem and not just a male one, even if there is some statistic that says it is a male dominated problem.

  • Marcela Ferioli

    I would like to share one post from your blog with my friends in my Facebook wall and I don’t know how to do it.
    Thanks for your help!

  • Marcela,
    Each post has a toolbar beneath the title which allows you to tweet, like the post on Facebook, etc. If you hold your mouse over the red “+ Share” button, a menu appears. Click on “Facebook” and it will direct you so you can add a message before posting to your Facebook wall. Hope this helps, and thanks for helping spread the word!

  • Marywahne

    Mr. Merrill,

    I am the chair of a community placement for the Junior League of Midland (Texas), also entitled Family First. As the theme is family-building and community education, I can’t help but think the name is an homage to your fantastic work.

    I am writing to inquire if you would assist me in finding a worthy public speaker on family education topics for our event. You are already booked for the weekend of our event, or else I would ask you! I was hoping you might know an up-and coming speaker with a good message to serve as our 30-min. Keynote.

    Thank you, and please keep up your gretat work!
    Mary Baker

  • Jlabusch

    I need to send you a private email…how can i do that? Thanks

  • Jlabusch, you can email me at [email protected]. Look forward to hearing from you!

  • Steve Rogers

       I just heard your Family minute spot on WGTS 91.9 about loosing weight. And about a year ago I would have totally agreed with you.  I am big into alternative health, my main thought is to get back to nature.  So the most influential books I have read recently concerning health and weight are “Why We Get Fat: and what to do about it” by Gary Taubes,(a historical look at our weight epidemic) “The Paleo Solution” by  Robb Wolf (a practical guide and explanation of the “caveman” or stone age diet) and “Wheat Belly” by Dr. Davis (Why today’s wheat may not be “heart healthy” after all).  All these books point to the same message that we need to get back to what God designed us to eat; the food that we ate since we left the garden of Eden up until we started farming. 

    According to science at least we have been on this planet in human from for 200K+ years and we have been hunting and eating animals and gathering vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and the like.  So since farming started we have gotten, shorter, fatter and got a lot more cavities and more disease (it did help civilization expand of course-doubled edged sword).  The message is that if we eat more fat and eat less carbs in the form of grains and sugars then we are running on the optimal fuel and we naturally will loose weight, our triglycerides drop like a rock, our HDL cholesterol numbers go up, and LDL particles size tend to go from small dense (bad) to large buoyant (good).  Our visceral fat around our waists start going away ( I lost 2-3 inches around my waist and I am already slim).  It is true that you can eat like this for a year and all these great things will happen, but if we start eating high-glycemic (blood sugar raising) food again like wheat (pasta, bread, crackers, snack foods), sugar, white potatoes or even too many grapes we will start heading back to the dark side. 

    Grains is a food group today, but it wasn’t for the vast majority of our existence. And if you say Jesus ate bread, well yes he did, but the bread ate and the bread we eat are completely different, the difference between an ape and a human.  You cannot make a jelly filled donuts or a 7-tier wedding cake with heritage wheat; it doens’t have the right baking properties and unfortunately all the other negative consequences from the hybridization process.  Did you you know that from a blood sugar standpoint, that is is healthier to eat a Snickers bar than it is to eat a slice or two of whole wheat bread?  Snickers bars (glycemic index:46) and today’s whole wheat bread (Glycemic index: 71).  The glycemic index is a measure of how much our blood sugar goes up from eating different foods and it is a scale from 0 to about 100 and table sugar comes in at 56.
        The take-away here is for 30 days try to avoid all wheat products (don’t worry, vegetables have way more fiber and vitamins and nutrients than wheat), avoid added sugar containing foods, eat more fat from avocados, fish oil, animal fat, coconut oil, more meats (red meat, pork, chicken, fish, lamb, organ meats) and eat lots of vegetables and see what happens.  If you want to go strict, avoid legumes (beans, peanuts, etc.) as well.  Amazing things can happen like autoimmune diseases lessen or go away, diabetics (type II) reducing or not needing to take insulin, weight lose, much improved heart health, more energy, better mood and general feeling of wellness. 
       Check out some of those books too; they majorly changed how I think about health and weight lose.  I believe that God wants us to be as healthy as possible and I also believe that the devil wants us to be sick and ill. This stuff makes so much sense to me. 
       My final thought is this: If you put the correct gasoline in your car it will run pretty good, but if you put the wrong fuel (fuel it wasn’t designed to burn) it will start running badly really quick.  I believe that is same as our bodies. Our bodies were not designed to run on 50-60% carbs and low-fat; so bad things are happening our health as a nation.

    P.S. I didn’t mention exercise; it is secondary to diet, but it is certainly important to move more, but don’t overdo it;  too much exercise reduces our metabolisms.  We have very smart bodies; if they see that we are expending large amount of energy they throttle back on the burning energy (fat and sugar) when we finally stop moving.  Exercise has many benefits, but it isn’t the best weight lose tool. It does make us build up a a bigger appetite though.  Eat less and exercise is a recipe for failure. That is what I have learned though reading hundreds of health articles and listening to 100+ podcast by low-carb/paleo experts and reading many books as well and from my own experience.  What do you have to loose?

  • karen

    Hi Mark, Can you add a Pinterest button to your articles? I’d love to share them via pinterest!

  • Great idea Karen, I will see if we can make that happen.

  • Chris

    Mark, my wife is an alcoholic and was just diagnosed bipolar. I’m struggling with trust. Struggling to the point of tears on a daily basis. What is a reasonable period of time to decide how I feel about this, and what are my options?

  • Hi Mark.
    Please email me I am trying to connect with you..
    [email protected] Thank you and God bless
    our home is not healthy right now and can use some help

  • Lisa

    I was just on All Pro Dad website and stumbled on something that encouraged Dads to say, “I know we don’t always see eye to eye but that doesn’t change my love for you……” and it goes on but I can’t remember the rest. After closing the website, I told my husband about it and he wanted to know what it said in its entirety and if there were more “sayings” that were good to say that affirmed his love for his son in adverse times. Please help!

  • J C Andersen

    Mr. Merrill,

    With absolute respect fro your great work, statistics like the following (which appears on the All Pro Dad site today) are misleading and inaccurate, and should not be used:
    2. Your children will be negatively affected.
    To the parents who have children, your kids are three times as likely to be expelled from school or get pregnant, they are five times more likely to live in poverty, and 22 times more likely to be incarcerated. All because you choose to live with someone you’re not married to.

    There is likely little or no correlation between “shacking up before marriage” and expulsion, pregnancy, poverty and incarceration. Those systemic problems are truly correlated with socio-economic problems including proverty and lack of education.
    Citing those issues which coincidentally (but not causally) occur in home which have experienced “shacking up” weakens the credibility, message and mission of All Pro Dad.
    But thank you for all you do for families!

  • GT Fox

    Hey Mark, This GT Fox..from the Delt House. The last time I saw you was in the hallway of the UF Law School. Really Really awesome what you are doing with your life..very proud for you.

    I found in my marriage one of the best things my wife and I have done was pay off the mortgage early. We set down a plan for paying a nice chunk of additional principal each month on top of the regular payment. We paid it off in just a few years. We are not rich or have large incomes, but faith and following through were the key to making it happen.

    Of course being debt free was a great situation to acheive…but what we did not anticipate was how close our relationship would become by working together and that was worth more than any amount of money.

    Conversely, after we finished the repayment we began investing in the stock market to try and build up a retirement account. While this is the smart and right thing to do we found that no 2 people agree on how that investing should be done..and this can unintentionally create strife. Plus even when you do make gains it doesn’t create that togetherness.

    So I hope to pass on my experience to recommend couples to pay off their mortgages before they put money in a IRA and resist the urge to refinance their mortgage.

  • Hi GT, good to hear from you! Thanks for commenting.

  • jim

    Your radio advice is belittling, if you don’t have the basic common sense to already know what your wife Susan has had to teach you, you’ve got a long way to go before you’re capable of providing others direction. Don’t assume the people who are forced to listed to your drivel are morons.

  • carmen

    Good Morning,
    My name is Carmen.
    I really didnt know where to go with my situation. I tried to seek counseling but it was expensive for me to go and i believe i need to go. My husband and i been married almost 2 years. We have no relationship because he chooses other option for himself. He comes home smoke and drinks and plays basketball with his friend. Every one in a while he plays with his daughter. He doesnt acknowledge me. Spends time in the bathroom listening to his music. My thoughts or interest he doesnt care. If i put my opinion gets mad at me or raise his voice. He doesnt like my children.
    I was a single mom and raise them by myself and work 2 jobs and lost alot of time with them. Now i work one job trying to make up time. My son who we kick out because he was rude 18 now is living in a friend shed and its cold outside but he cant come inside because my husband wont let him. And wants to keep my other son. He said if i dont do that he was going to take my daughter away from me says im a bad parent. But everything is in my name. Trying to summarizes as short as i can. Im very stress and tired. And i dont know what else to do.

  • I’m sorry to hear about your situation Carmen. Could you find a church where you could get good counseling for free?

  • Brian Naab

    Hi Mark, I really appreciate all your work and podcasts.

    We have been married for 12 years and have 4 small children. She recently (w/in 45 days) said she wanted a divorce and is moving forward in the process. We have had some ups and downs but she has never in our 20 years of being together even once mentioned the word divorce or separation. She is unresponsive to trying to resolve our issues, quit marriage counseling, will not listen to any podcasts, etc. She is not open to giving this one more chance to see if we can change our relationship. I love her and will always love her and want what is best for our family, which I feel is to stay together. Is there anything I can do to see if she can give our marriage more time for us and our kids future? I am lost and feel so bad for our young children who have no voice.

  • Tom Vorce

    Hey Mark –
    I’m in my third year of leading an All Pro Dad chapter and had the opportunity to meet you at the first retreat at Winshape. This year I was in the second group a the retreat, so I couldn’t tell you this personally, but wanted to make sure that you got some more praise and feedback. I absolutely love the curriculum of All Pro Dad and the whole program. The content that you put out via facebook and your podcasts are equally valuable and have made my wife and I both, better parents. After holding on to your “10 things to write in a letter to your daughter” for about a year, I finally wrote to my eleven year old. I’d written her other shorter letters before, but the guidelines and inspiration of your article helped immensely. I showed the letter to my wife during a family trip to our nephew’s wedding. She said that reading the letter was the best part of the entire weekend. I was going to save the letter till Christmas, but figured why? It is obviously a keeper and saw it in her desk just the other day. Thanks again for helping to strengthen the bonds between parents and their children!

  • L.J.

    I am looking for a 1 year (365 day) devotional to start the new year. I have read the Tony Dungy devotional the last 3 years and am looking for something different. Do you have any suggestions?

  • Your comment has been deleted because it violates our comment policy –

  • I am so sorry to hear this Brian N. Is she still determined to go through with the divorce? If so, then perhaps you should focus on supporting your children. Here is a link to a series of podcasts titled “Before You Divorce”. I will pray for you and your family.

  • Awesome Tom! Thanks for the feedback! I’m going to share this with the rest of the team.

  • Thanks for asking L.J. I suggest My Utmost For His Highest by Oswald Chambers and Experiencing God Day by Day by Henry and Richard Blackaby.

  • Brian N

    Thank you Mark. You are a true inspiration and appreciate all the work that you do.

  • Pat

    I listened to your stop-drop-and roll podcast. The scenarios you describe are similar to what my wife and I (married for 25 years, 3 kids) are facing. I am guilty of reacting to my wife comments which are repetitive and hurtful and then I escalate with poor responses and then retreat into mental seclusion and get depressed. It is a cycle that is very destructive for both of us. We are currently in one of those cycles and I am having a hard time recovering and allowing myself back into positive territory.
    She wants to talk but I seem to have a mental block to get back to the table. She will say all the right things about wanting harmony and love but than over time she will cut me down about personal things, my look, compares me to other men, states that I am not a good help cooking or don’t know how. I share all the duties of the house and I essentially work and pay for everything for the past 25 years. This is not about money, that department is solid. For me, it is about intimacy and feeling loved and cherished. I do not like being compared to others whom may have better looks and or better life skills keeping a home organized. I am in sales and have a very social demeanor to approach people openly and honestly. In my home life with my wife it is harder than with strangers. Maybe just too much history. We have known each other since we were 12 and are now 52.
    Any advice is appreciated to get back to the table ?

  • Ilemaiye E.A

    I am just getting in contact of your blogs, can I get your email or direct phone lines for a better discussion? This is mine [email protected]

  • BH

    I am not sure your suggestion to put pictures of children on social media is a good one. Too many crazies out there.

  • Sangeet Lodha

    Hey Mark,
    Last month i got a call from Family First saying that they have a tie-up with CitiBank and since I’m a lucky and valuable customer of CitiBank I have choosen for an offer which costed me INR 9,990/-. But when I received the kit actually, it had less than half of the things in it. Is it the practice you follow in general? Or it has happened to me by mistake? If it is by mistake, I want the transaction to be reversed. I am mentioning my e-mail id herein below and will be expecting a communication from you.

    Sangeet Lodha

  • Sangeet Lodha

    And to my surprise, when I called CitiBank, they said that they do not have any such tie-up, neither they are running with any such offer. Please look into the matter.

  • Robert Landry

    Mark- i have just found my way to you via Thomas merton and at a New Canaan Society meeting.
    as a retired school principal for 27 years plus a district school superintendent and having taught at the university for ten years-currently appointed by a Democratic and now Republican Gov in NC-i applaud your work and would like to know how i may assist you with my knowledge of what is happening inside our many schools. Merton stated, “Souls are like athletes, that need opponents worthy of them, they are to be tried and extended and pushed to the full us e of their powers, and rewarded according to their capacity.” Ready to join you and battle a front i know well.

  • Denise

    Hi Mark, I would like to know how do I cope with a man that is obsessed with woman, their bodies and his roving eye. I’m have a real hard time with this. Please help.

  • Sandy

    The links to your articles on trust are no longer working and I wanted to share them with my husband. Can this please be fixed? Thank you

  • Hi Sandy – We apologize for the difficulty. Our sites are frequently under cyber attack, and yesterday we were down most of the day working on those types of issues. Hopefully today will be much better! Please hang in there with us and keep trying!

  • Grace

    My husband & I have only been married once, to each other, for 25 years (this August), we have 2 daughters still at home, ages 21 (attending local university & working p/t) & 18 (graduating high school in May & will attend local college). While he’s a wonderful husband, father, & spiritual leader for our family, including my elderly parents, he has been unemployed for the past 15 yrs. I work full time days, from 6:30-4 pm, & net $100,000/ yr. He takes care of all domestic chores (shopping, cooking, cleaning, yard work, paying bills etc.) He’ll be 61 & I’ll be 51 this year. In the past 3 yrs, he’s had some health problems including ED, which has limited our intimacy greatly and makes me feel alone & unhealthy. I agree with your assessment that marriage is a covenant between man, woman, & God, but I’m tired of working full time and being lonesome. He knows my feelings. We’ve been to marriage counsellors & talked many, many times. I’ve had to start taking a SSRI medication this past year. It helps me not to have so much resentment, keep working & paying the bills. He actively tried to find work and went on many interviews for the first few years or so, but eventually, he just seemed to give up. I’ve tried many different tactics to motivate him to find work, but nothing seems to work. I don’t want a divorce, I just want some help with the “heavy lifting” of going to work every day! We will have our $210,000 home paid for in 2-3 years & we have an equity line owing $35,000 for cars & home maintenance. No credit card debt or other debt and approx. $40,000 savings. What advice do you have for me/us, so that we can become a happy & intimate couple again?

  • jb

    Your All pro dad page on facebook has been hacked these past few days. There has been several posts that are not in good taste. Hope you are able to get it back to normal. Thanks

  • Please accept our most sincere apology for content that was published on our Facebook page yesterday. Hackers were able to infiltrate and take control of our page. Our technical team immediately saw the problem and began relentlessly pursuing Facebook to help us resolve it. Unfortunately the process has been challenging and we are currently waiting for Facebook to re-establish our administrative rights.

    The content published by the hackers was clearly not consistent with the values, standards, and mission of All Pro Dad. We apologize if you encountered anything offensive in nature due to the attack. Thank you for your patience. All of the appropriate steps are being taken to ensure future security. Sorry again for the inconvenience.

  • Mike H

    I need help. My wife and I have been married for 11 years as of yesterday. And for the last 4 months I have lived I our basement. She says what we have had is a lie and she feels she never reply lived me. We have two beautiful children together that will be devastated if we divorce. I’m not saying we should stay together for the kids but I am saying and I have told her this repeatedly that we should exhaust every option to redeem our marriage first. I go to individual counseling once every other week and to a church small group for “marital and significant others issues” every week. She says she will look into counseling for her issues with me, the things she has bottled up isnide over the years and has never delt with. And she needs to fix herself before she can concider working on us.
    I get all that but she hasn’t made an appointment for a counselor yet. I have started going to church with the kids every week, something we have never done in 11 years, and I invite her every week but she says she doesn’t need to go to a building to believe in God.
    And to top it all of she has recently ran into and has text/phone interactions with and old boyfriend (one who she once told me that I was the only one cared for more than him – now she says that’s a lie she has never cared for anyone more than him)
    All I hear is “patients”, “all in God’s time”. I know I can’t push but one of the things I am in counseling for is control issues.
    What do I do to convince her to go all in 100% to try and save our family before throwing it away?

  • Cecelia Simon

    I am concerned about your marriage forums. Do you have staff or yourself that scan the comment sections below your articles? There are people giving advice to a newly married wife to stay in a marriage that this woman clearly outlined is not safe. I offered to help her on the comment section but my hands are tied when I do not know how to track her down. You have people on there blameshifting and using faith as a way to inflate their own egos. This woman clearly needs help.

  • Hi Cecelia! Yes, we connect with people off line. Thank you for your consideration.


    Hi Mark, do you have a past post or some helpful advice for talking with kids about homosexuality? Thanks!

  • jaja

    i need help…

    me and my husband is facing one of the hardest family problem. issue: i had an affair with a married man. My husband confronted me Sept of last year and gone through difficult things and we were able to handle each day of my repentance and i thank my husband he accepted me back. I went alone to church and submitted to GOD all my sins. I felt forgiveness after my confession to the priest.

    This past few days, we are again quarrelling about simple things. Yes, i admit i got pissed off with what he is showing me. he’s treating me differently, like a nobody. a prisoner who should obey all his orders. he don’t treat me like his wife already.

    he laid his cards before he accepted me back, so, i did the best i can to address it wholeheartedly. i believe i changed because i was able to do things i wasn’t doing before.. I just can’t feel that he too also has a fault of what had happened. Yes, it is entirely my fault, but i had done that because of him. i told him all my reasons when we talked, but he cannot admit to himself that he has a fault. that’s why he will not do anything. his mind setting is that: it is your fault and you should suffer, you should make up..

    i have nobody to tell as to what i am feeling. my family already knew what had happened because he told them so they won’t listen to my feelings as well…i cannot withstand it already. i cannot withstand the feeling of being treated like a sinner who will never be forgiven.