4 Ways Good Leaders Show Respect

showing respect as a leader

Harvard Business Review conducted a study of 20,000 employees and found that 54 percent said they don’t regularly get respect from their leaders. Listen—you’ll be busy, overwhelmed, and have a lot of people to help when you’re blessed to lead. However, whether you’re leading a team of three (in your home) or a team of […]

5 Marks of Suffering

effects of suffering

Last summer, I herniated two discs in my back. The pain dropped me to my knees. I thought I’d be up and running again soon, but an MRI revealed otherwise. For months, I battled constant pain, only sleeping a few hours a night, usually on the floor. It’s been a lonely road. Many days were filled with doctor appointments, pain management, and rehabilitation. But God has used it for good. He has taught me so much about myself, about others and most importantly, about Him.