6 Steps to Control Your Crazy Busy Life

busy life

In so many meetings and on phone calls I’ve had recently, I’ll ask the other person, “So, how you doing?” Most of the time I get a similar answer, something like, “Doin’ fine, just crazy busy!”

Now some people are stretched to the max through no fault of their own—maybe they are a single parent, or their spouse is sick or some other challenge is making them really busy. They’re not choosing the pressure, and they need all the help and support the rest of us can give them to keep going.

5 Ways Your Family can End the Year Well

family annual review

As January 1st draws closer, you may be thinking about New Year’s resolutions and other family plans for next year. But before you look ahead, it’s important to take some time to look back. Good endings are necessary to make way for great beginnings. [Tweet This] An archer has to draw their arm back to shoot forward; in the same way, pausing to look back and reflect will help you take aim for the coming year.

5 Thank You Letters to Send This Thanksgiving

thank you letter

There are lots of ways to celebrate Thanksgiving and actually be, well, thankful. We can memorialize all we are thankful for, even ON the tablecloth. We can tell our children, spouse, friends and family how much they mean to us, or review classic stories of gratitude in our country’s rich heritage that inspired the holiday. But this Thanksgiving, I urge you to write five special thank you letters of gratitude to some of the people that have made the greatest difference in your life.