8 Mistakes to Avoid When Talking with Your Teens and Young Adults

talk to teens

Communication is fairly easy with young kids. You have the power and authority to pretty much run the show. Sure, you try to be patient, to hear younger kids out, but when it’s time to direct traffic, get things done or lay down the law, it’s not that complicated. Then, they become teens and things change.

Teaching Your Kids How to Have Hard Conversations

having difficult conversations

If we want our kids to become stable, healthy, well-adjusted adults, we need to do a good job when they are young of teaching them to have hard conversations. It’s hard enough for spouses to do this, so our kids need our help before they leave the nest. The advent of social media and mobile devices has made communication easier but has also made effective communication more difficult, where messages are easily misunderstood, incomplete, or inflammatory.

6 Ways Family Games are a Winner

games to play with family

It seems to be increasingly rare for families to gather around the table together these days, with so many conflicting schedules. And it appears to be even harder to get them to put their cell phones down when they do. But table time together as a family is vital for building strong relationships—and not just […]