10 Texts to Send to Your Teen in the Next 10 Days

send a text

I’ve made it a habit of sending encouraging and inspiring texts to my five children on a regular basis. To send a text to my child during the day only takes a few seconds but can make such a positive impact. And, over the last couple of years, I’ve shared with you 10 Texts to Send to Your College Student in their Next 10 Days and 10 Texts to Send to Your Kids or Grandkids in the Next 10 Days.

5 Ideas for a Special Graduation Letter to Your Child

graduation letter

Graduations should come with a “Flash Flood Warning” for parents. There are a flood of tears, fears, pride, and joyful and anxious memories that wash over a parent’s heart. It’s not uncommon to look at the graduate and think “Did I teach them enough, show them enough, prepare them enough, help them enough, and love them enough?” Well, it’s not too late. Writing a graduation letter is a great way to share encouragement and wisdom that can change your child’s life.