10 Ways to Beat an Addiction

make changes

Throughout life, we develop healthy and, sometimes, unhealthy attachments to things. All addictions need addressing. Addictions range from alcohol to pornography to food to exercise to work. Your addiction might be small and manageable now, but left unchecked, it can grow to take over your life. Do you need to make changes? Here are 10 ways to beat an addiction.

How to Be Set Free from the Prison of Want

the power of gratitude

Every single one of us knows what it feels like to want something. From the moment we take our first breath, we loudly assert our desire for something that we want. We want food, we want comfort, we want sleep, we want to be held. As an infant, our wants are simple, but as we grow, we learn to want more. We want a particular toy, we want a certain snack, we want just the right pair of shoes. The older we get, the more elaborate, and sometimes more expensive, our wants become. We want more money, we want designer clothing, we want the biggest house, we want the perfect spouse.