What COVID-19 Revealed in Me

what I learned about myself

Airlines are obsessed with passenger safety, constantly inspecting aircraft for signs of corrosion and fatigue in the metal components. Microscopic cracks called stress fractures develop over repeated flights, indicating underlying damage that—if ignored—would become catastrophic. But the cracks aren’t the problem; they’re actually a gift of sorts. They show the mechanics exactly where maintenance is […]

10 Ways to Bring Joy into Your Life

bring joy

Studies show a toddler will laugh an average of 200 times a day. But, by the time he becomes an adult, he will only crack a smile 6 times daily. What will happen? Most likely, he will get steamrolled by the pressures of life. A rare few know how to find joy through faith in God, enjoying the simple things in life, and making family time a priority and not getting caught up in materialism.

3 Steps to Overcoming Loneliness

overcoming lonliness

Because of the type of job I have, I have a larger social media presence — but even people with lots of followers can still feel lonely. Why? Because those are not real relationships. No matter how many online friends we have, in this age of super-connectedness online, we are relationally disconnected