Are You Blind to Your Amazing Blessings?

count your blessings

Someone once said that “The eyes are useless when the mind is blind.” If that is true, I think I’ve approached a lot of Thanksgivings with a dim view of my many real blessings. I don’t always have the awe and wonder that I should. I should be in awe of the simple amazing blessings in my life. I should be in awe of the astonishing things that I experience every day.

So this year, I’m challenging myself to open my mind–and my eyes–to the power of the simple things and to the awe and wonder of the truly astonishing things in my life.

Do you count your blessings? One way I’m trying to rewire my thinking about the blessings in my life is to consider what my life must look like through the lens of someone who has very little in the world. When I look at my daily life that way, my answers to these simple questions fill me with wonder and gratitude:

Did I sleep in a bed last night? Was I able to get out of bed today?

Do I have a vehicle? Do I have a job to drive to?

Do I have a roof over my head? Am I able to air-condition or heat the space?

Is there a grocery store and other “necessity” stores nearby? Do I have the financial means to purchase what I need (and what I want too)?

These are just some of the questions that strike me as I try to really open my mind and my eyes to the innumerable blessings in my life. But, more importantly, what about the people in my life? Ask anyone who has lost a close family member or friend and they will often tell you that they wish they could have one more day with that person. People are the most precious gifts and I need to remember that every moment of every day. So I ask myself the following questions to keep my eyes focused:

Do I go to sleep and wake up with my spouse by my side? Do I  get to hug my kids and tell them that I love them?

Do I have my mom and dad in my life for another day? Do I get to spend time with my siblings?

Do I have true friends that encourage me and make me laugh? Could I also reach out to them when I am in need or in pain?

Do I have a church family that I can worship with on a regular basis?

Here’s an idea. What if, today, I let each of those people know what a blessing they are to me? Maybe it’s a personal visit. Maybe a phone call. Maybe a handwritten note or a simple text. By answering these simple questions, I think I’m seeing my blessings more clearly than ever before. Are you seeing yours?

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What are the simple or utterly astonishing blessings you think you’ve been blind to throughout the year? Let me know in a comment below.

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