#132: 4 Ways to Fight for Your Marriage (Podcast)

fight for your marriage

You and your spouse are allies, not enemies. We must fight for our marriage because we love. We must fight for who we love. We must make war to make love last in marriage. Make war against those things that could divide our union. Fight for those things that will protect and preserve our union. Make love our highest priority as we pursue a selfless, sacrificial, and more perfect union. Here are 4 ways to fight for your marriage.

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Discussion Recap

Make war together on these 4 subtle and silent marriage killers:

  1. Make war on comparison. Comparison leads to discontentment.
  2. Make war on criticism. Criticism leads to bitterness, despair, and hopelessness.
  3. Make war on busyness. Busyness leads to neglect.
  4. Make war on lust. Lust leads to adultery.

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