#102: 8 Reasons Why Your Marriage May Be Better Than You Think (Podcast)

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Too many couples don’t appreciate the good marriage they have because they are too focused on the perfect marriage they want. You could have a better marriage than you think. Susan and I have experienced this in our own marriage and have to continually remind ourselves of the good, and great, we have together.

Two things are typically true in marriages:

1) Those other “great” marriages are rarely as good as they look from the outside.

2) Your own marriage is not always as bad as you may think from the inside.

On today’s podcast, Susan and I will address 8 reasons why your marriage may be better than you think.

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Discussion Recap

Here are 8 reasons why your marriage may be better than you think:

  1. Are you still married?
  2. Do you live in the same house and sleep in the same bed?
  3. Are you faithful to your spouse?
  4. Do you trust each other?
  5. You go on dates and eat dinner together.
  6. Both of you generally agree on family finances.
  7. You have conflict but are able to resolve it together.
  8. You make your relationship a priority.

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