#96: Restoring Your Marriage Against the Odds (Podcast)

road to forgiveness

The difficulties we face in life have the power to break or strengthen our marriage…the choice is up to us. We can choose to harbor resentment and unforgiveness or we can choose to embrace love and restoration. It all comes down to one thing: if we have faith that our marriage is worth fighting for. Thankfully, God offers us this faith and works alongside us to restore our marriage no matter how difficult the trial.

Even after experiencing the pain of adultery, failure, and loss, Justin and Trisha Davis made the decision that their marriage was worth fighting for. So on today’s podcast, we’ll be talking with this couple about how faith restored their marriage. This husband and wife duo founded RefineUs Ministries—a church movement to build healthy marriages and families. They currently live in Indianapolis as speakers and teachers.

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Discussion Recap

3 Roads to Restoration

  1. The Road to Adultery
  2. The Road to Forgiveness
  3. The Road to Restoration

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