#078: What Every Husband and Wife Must Agree On (Podcast)

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We’ve all heard this saying: Let’s agree to disagree. It’s an easy way for people to keep their own opinions. But when it comes to a healthy marriage, there are certain things couples MUST agree on: children, money, and life goals. Agreeing on such crucial things doesn’t require compromising your morals…it simply means adjusting your mindset and working together with your spouse because, at the end of the day, you and your spouse should be on the same team!

So on today’s show, my wife, Susan, and I will be sharing 3 things every husband and wife must agree on.

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Discussion Recap 

3 Things Every Husband and Wife Must Agree On:

  1. How to Discipline Your Kids
  2. How to Handle Money
  3. Your Family’s Religion

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