#063: The Father Factor with Kenny Luck (Podcast)

seeking validation

All children are seeking validation. They seek validation in their classes by working as hard as they can. They seek validation in their friendships by striving to be popular and well-liked. They even seek validation in their athletic abilities by aiming for perfection on the field. But the best place to receive true validation is from their fathers. On today’s episode, pastor and men’s expert Kenny Luck will be discussing his video series The Father Factor and how fathers can best validate their children.

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Discussion Recap 

  • Giving validation is giving acceptance. Children want to feel worthy of their father’s love, time, and attention.
  • There is a dangerous cultural epidemic in our world: Children who don’t receive validation from their fathers are forced to seek validation in unhealthy ways.
  • We must break the cycle of fatherlessness and lack of validation.
  • Giving our family the validation they seek is crucial.
  • Validate your children by loving them, leading them, and supporting them.

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