#050: Uncommon Marriage Adventure with Tony Dungy (Podcast)

uncommon marriage adventure

Life is an adventure.  But in the midst of great moments, we constantly face demands, dangers, and disappointments.  Luckily, there’s one person we can always trust to be on our team through it all—and that’s our spouse!  On today’s show, Tony Dungy and I will talk about what it means to be a good teammate to your spouse.  We will be focusing on wisdom from The Uncommon Marriage Adventure, a new devotional guide from Tony and his wife Lauren.

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Discussion Recap 

1. What Does It Take for a Guy to Become an “All Pro”?

2. Being a Good Teammate to Your Spouse Means:

  • Commit to Stay Together No Matter What
  • Be Sensitive and Considerate to Your Spouse During Transitions
  • Expect That Life Will Bring Difficult Times
  • Affirm and Express Love to Your Spouse

3. Most Important Marriage Advice:

  • Make Marriage Christ-Centered
  • Open Communication with Love
  • Commitment

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Purchase a copy of Tony and Lauren Dungy’s new book The Uncommon Marriage Adventure

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