#026: How to Find Lifelong Love with Gary Thomas (Podcast)

How to Find Lifelong Love

As parents, we want to guide and help our kids make the best choice for one of the biggest decisions of their life…who their lifelong love will be. With today’s culture placing so much emphasis on romantic feelings and finding “The One,” today’s guest Gary Thomas offers insight for choosing a spouse. Gary is an international speaker and author. In this episode, we discuss his book The Sacred Search.  So if you are looking to get married, or your kids are in their teens or adulthood and seeking marriage, you’ll want to listen to what Gary has to say.

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Top Reasons People Get Married:

1. Romantic Feelings

2. Sexual Chemistry

3. Relational Happiness in Dating

What to Look for in a Potential Spouse:

1. How do they handle conflict resolution?

2. Will they make a good parent? They will be the future mom and dad of your kids!

3. Are they humble?

4. Are they a giver or a taker?

5. Do they have a spiritual purpose at the center of their life?

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