Wimbledon and your “Sweet Spot”

famiy resting during tennis


Top tennis talent will start showing their stuff on the court at the Wimbledon tennis championships starting June 20.

Do you play tennis? Have you ever swung a racket?  I used to play quite a bit of tennis…not much anymore. But I do know where I’m supposed to hit the ball.  On the “sweet spot,” right?  Well, your gift is your sweet spot.  When you use it, you just know you’re going to hit a winner.

Has anyone ever communicated your sweet spot…your gifts and potential so clearly to you that it profoundly influenced your life—that it helped define who you are today?  Think back.  Maybe it was your 4th grade teacher, maybe your high school coach, maybe your mom or dad.  Someone saw your unique gifts.  They told you, “You have an awesome voice,” and now you’re a singer.  They told you, “You’re good with kids,” and now you’re a teacher.  “You have an awesome mechanical mind,” someone said, and you became an engineer.  Their loving words of validation inspired you to become what you are today.

Don’t know your sweet spot…your gift? Here’s an easy way to find out. Just ask five family members and friends this question: “What do you think is my single greatest strength?” There will probably be a common thread in all the answers that will tell you your gift.

Once you know your gift, use it.  And then help your kids to know their own sweet spot and validate it in their lives. Susan and I validated each of our children in their gifts. For example, we noticed that our oldest daughter Megan had the uncanny ability to “read” and “size up” people very quickly. She is very good in relationships. We validated that in her. She now wants to work in human resources after she graduates from college next year.

Do you know your sweet spot?  Have you validated your child’s sweet spot?

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