The Key to a Close-Knit Family


I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t want a strong, close-knit family. The question is: How do we move from wanting one to having one? Many actions are needed to move from wanting a close-knit family to having a close-knit family.  And there is one key action you can take toward achieving that goal.

Growing up, my family and I explored the country by taking many road trips together.  During our travels in the 60’s and 70’s, there was one billboard I saw over and over again. The slogan on it was part of one of the most successful billboard campaigns our country has ever seen. The billboard read:

“The Family That Prays Together, Stays Together.”

A number of studies have revealed that there is in fact some truth to this timeless slogan.  Specifically, research has shown that the key to closeness and a stronger family relies on praying, attending church, and worshiping together.

Here is some of the most interesting data I found regarding the correlation between close-knit families and worshipping together:

  • Being involved regularly in a church makes men “more engaged” as fathers and husbands.
  • The regular presence or absence of a couple at church predicts whether their marriage will be stable or shaky.
  • Teenagers who are raised in religious homes are more likely to admire their dad, enjoy time with their dad, and view their dad “as being helpful with things that are important to them.”

If you are having trouble getting your teen to worship with you, check out my post, Encouraging Your Teens to Worship.  And what better time to start than now, with Easter right around the corner?

If you do attend church, what are some ways it has brought your family closer together?  Your comments below would be appreciated. 


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