The Importance of Pain


Today, my good friend Tony Dungy shares with us how he learns from pain. His son, Jordan, is unable to feel pain. At first that may sound enticing, but it is more challenging than you would think. Take a moment to hear what Tony and his family have learned as a result of Jordan’s condition.

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  • Mark

    Physical pain is something most of us know all too well.  We tend to “numb” ourselves to pain involving emotions and responsibilities all too often.  Whereas we learn quickly from physical hurt and will often try to avoid situations where that pain may result, we often find a way to justify nonphysical pain.  It is difficult to do something you know is wrong the first time.  After that, it gets a little easier each time as you can “justify” the wrong by your past actions.

    We build up a spiritual and emotional insensitivity to pain, both on ourselves and those our actions impact, coworkers, friends, neighbors, strangers, even our families and loved ones.  God does place those pain receptors in our lives so we can learn and grow in a safe way.  We need to act in a way that, when we know our actions will cause pain to those we care about, we keep those receptors open and active, and we respond in a way that will eliminate that pain.

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