#065: How to Identify Your Real Marriage Issues (Podcast)

marriage issues

There’s nothing simple about marriage conflict. It’s messy, it’s moody, and it’s mostly a misunderstanding.  Many couples think they’re arguing about one thing, when they’re actually arguing about something completely and totally different! So how can you get on the same page as your spouse and lessen the amount of conflict in your marriage? On […]

5 Types of Compliments to Give Your Spouse

types of compliments

A comedian once said that women need three things: food, water, and compliments. And Mark Twain once said, “I can live for two months on a good compliment.” I think that’s universal. Everyone appreciates a good compliment. That’s especially true in marriage. A sincere, timely compliment can be a powerful difference maker for days. Likewise, when you criticize your […]