5 Secrets You Must Know About Your Wife

secrets about your wife

Mark and I don’t keep secrets from each other. We just don’t—it’s how we think a marriage should be. But there may be a few secrets that he doesn’t know that swirl around my head from time to time that I just wish he knew. And no, it’s not that I went shopping and spent a lot of money without him knowing—it’s the inherent desires of my heart that come naturally to me, but he has to learn.

Perhaps your wife thinks like I do. Here are my 5 secrets you must know about your wife.

6 Signs You Need a Quick Getaway

ideal getaway

Sometimes life just builds up so intensely that you find yourself lost in it, and your marriage suffers because of it. Every marriage needs time for a getaway, even a quick one. An ideal getaway is for at least two days, but that’s not always practical. Here are a few signs that indicate you might need to schedule some time, find a grandparent or someone to watch the kids, and get away for a weekend or even a few days in the middle of the week.

Your dates, or any snippets of time alone, are more like family business meetings. Dates are supposed to be about connecting, but when life gets the best of you, the connecting is about planning calendars, addressing problems, making financial decisions, etc.

Do you need more signs? Here are 5.