How to Turn Your Pain into Something Positive

something positive

Can pain ever be good? That’s a fair question, but mostly an intellectual one to me, until recently. You see I’ve been blessed with good health and without much physical pain for most of my life. But a recent injury put me in a season of constant and intense back pain. For quite a while, I was getting just a few hours of sleep a night, sometimes feeling lost in an emotional fog.

How to Make Your Marriage “Work”

marriage work

Like your job, marriage can be hard work at times. And like your job, it’s important to understand things like your mission, core values, and goals in marriage too.

Consider these six things you may embrace to succeed in the workplace, and think about how you might apply them in your marriage.

1. Know your mission.

The best businesses have a clear, big-picture aim that everyone rallies around. It’s what keeps them all moving in the same direction, even if they may have different roles to play. These aspirations should set a direction that unites and excites. Where is your marriage aiming? For Susan and me, marriage is a covenant, not a contract. It is ultimately a holy union between God, husband, and wife—one established to glorify God. We want to live and love one another in a way that honors and points people to Him.