10 Hardships in Marriage and How to Overcome Them

how to overcome

Every marriage faces hardship. It’s a given. This list covers most of the common troubles, but your situation is unique. The key point here is to face the difficulty – whatever kind of marriage trouble it is – together with your wife.

Do you remember your marriage vows?

“For better, for worse…”

“In sickness and in health…”

“For richer, for poorer…”

These promises presuppose tough times. We went into our marriage with our eyes open, so there’s really no excuse for not bringing everything we have to the table when things – once in a while – get dicey. Here are 10 marital hardships and how to overcome them.

10 Practical Ways to Battle Your Sexual Temptations

battle sexual temptations

When someone confesses or is caught in an affair, one of the first things they say is something to this effect, “I didn’t mean it.” Or “She/he meant nothing to me.” In other words, they end up in a place they never wanted to be. Most people don’t set out to cheat on their spouse. It starts small. It begins with a thought that goes uncontested, perhaps even nurtured into a fantasy. Those thoughts grow into an attitude and then the attitude grows into a disposition. That disposition erodes boundaries and clouds our sense of right and wrong.

3 Things Dads Should Avoid This Summer

dads should avoid this summer

Ahh, summertime. Who doesn’t look forward to a little warm weather and relaxation? Lots of time with the family gives you plenty of opportunities to make an impact on them. However, remind yourself that your kids look up to you; not only for your strengths but also for your imperfections. So commit yourself this summer to being a role model you’ll want your kids to follow. To be that role model, there are things to avoid. Here are 3 things dads should avoid this summer.