#131: You Married for Better, but What about for Worse? (Podcast)

for better

When I got married…I didn’t expect conflict, financial pressures, or challenges with children. I always thought the tough part about marriage was finding the right girl. I thought that once I found her, being married was the easy part. When I said my vows I EXPECTED it would always be better. I never EXPECTED that there would be a worse. And there was…

How to Reduce the Stress Level in Your Life

stress level

I confess. Sometimes I run the car until the gas gauge is past empty; I arrive at the airport just a few minutes before the flight departs; or, I rush from meeting to meeting with no time in between. What does that cause? Stress…and it’s self-imposed! But in recent years, I’m addressing it by building more margin into my life and my families’ life.

Here are some ways you can build margin in your family life too and as a result, reduce stress.

7 Signs You’re Showing Contempt Toward Your Spouse

show contempt

Respected marriage expert John Gottman says that contempt is one of the clearest indicators that a relationship is not going to survive.

Contempt may seem like such a strong word that you dismiss the thought of it being a problem in your marriage, but take a moment to ask yourself whether you have ever shown disrespect or disdain to or for your spouse, or have looked down on them, or been scornful for some reason.