6 Things You Must Embrace for a More Intimate Marriage

intimate marriage

Over my 27 years of marriage to Susan, I’ve found that there are many things that can push intimacy away from a marriage relationship. Busyness, stress, bitterness and a lack of forgiveness are just a few things that keep closeness from entering the home and the bedroom.

On the other hand, there are 6 important things you must open the door to and embrace in order to have a more intimate marriage…the intimate relationship you’ve always wanted.

#106 4 Ways Parents Discourage Their Kids (Podcast)

parents discourage

Over the years, Susan and I have learned that all 5 of our children , now all in their 20s, all need one thing and that’s encouragement. We have good intentions and try to help; and, as parents, we may think we’re encouraging our children, but it can actually feel like criticism to them. Sometimes their every desire is to please us and we, in turn, crush their spirit. Susan and I both have made these mistakes so we want to share those with you.

As you try to help your kids be their best, be sure you’re not actually implementing one of these 4 ways of discouraging your kids.

Dealing with Disappointment in Marriage

disappointment in marriage

Have you ever woken up in the morning from a wonderful dream to the reality of another ho-hum, ordinary day? Disappointment can quickly set in. Marriage can sometimes be like that, too.

In fact, my wife, Susan, and I recently identified disappointment as one of 8 challenges every marriage will face in a heart-to-heart podcast conversation. No marriage is immune.

The simple reality is that the first rush of “love” simply can’t last because it includes a temporary flood of chemicals that is a form of actual intoxication. The second wave of love that follows is richer and deeper. But what do you do when the tide seems to go out, leaving you stranded on the dry sands of disappointment?

Here are five steps to help you find hope for the days ahead when disappointment drowns you and the dream seems to die.