5 Lost Virtues That Must Be Found in Your Marriage

lost virtues

When a person puts on a U.S. military uniform, they are committing to serve others, to protect their lives and their liberty, and to put themselves on the line for others. Susan and I have been proud to have two of our children serve in the Navy. And our son-in-law is a captain in the Army JAG. My dad served our country as a captain in the Air Force JAG. The branches of the military are different but they share similar core values—duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, courage— that are sadly all too often ignored or overlooked in civilian life.

But I believe that by recognizing and adopting them, we can better arm ourselves in our fight for our marriages—a fight against a culture that increasingly devalues the idea of steadfast love, against an ever-busier lifestyle that works against developing rich and meaningful relationships, and yes, sometimes against our own weaknesses and shortcomings.

The following military-style five virtues are like a hidden, inner compass keeping you heading in the right direction.

Begin Preparing for Your Daughter’s Wedding Today

This is an urgent message for every father:

daughter wedding

This is an urgent message for every father:

So, when should you start preparing for your daughter’s wedding? I started the day I found out Susan was pregnant with each of our daughters. Now, before you think you already missed the opportunity because she’s already a teen or because your relationship with her is strained, think again.