#136: 5 Ways to Break Free from the Pornography Trap

break free

Pornography is a beast that kills – kills the soul and ravages relationships. No one is immune to pornography. Everywhere you turn, it’s becoming more and more available. At the same time, men are becoming less and less aware of its harmful nature and its lasting impacts. It’s an addiction that squelches intimacy. Intimacy takes an investment of time and energy, while pornography is a way to manufacture cheap, fleeting thrills instantaneously. Those manufactured feelings begin to replace actual intimacy with a spouse, even when a couple watches it together. Meanwhile it makes a wife feel insecure and betrayed

7 Signs You May be Treating Your Marriage like a Contract

contract marriage

For the first 10 years of my career, I practiced law as a real estate attorney. I negotiated and drafted hundreds of contracts. In every one, I had a client who was counting on me to get the best deal for them, look out for them, assume the worst of the other parties involved, and understand the contractual nuances that would either work for or against their interests in every transaction.