6 Questions to Ask Before You Call It Quits in Marriage

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I just don’t love him anymore. She doesn’t make me happy. We fight all the time. The kids are grown and we have nothing in common. Those are some of the words that are often spoken by a husband or wife when they’re ready to throw in their marital towel. But there are a lot of reasons why couples […]

Life Lessons from the Movie Where Hope Grows

life lessons

Where Hope Grows is coming soon. It’s a movie about an ex-major league baseball player named Calvin. He’s a single father with a teenage daughter. He has an alcohol addiction. Calvin struggles in his relationship with his daughter because of his drinking. He consistently lets her down by not following through on his promises. At […]

#068: What to Remember Before You Call It Quits in Marriage (Podcast)

call it quits

There is nothing more devastating than a spouse considering calling it quits in their marriage. They ask things like, “What if I’m the only one putting in any effort?” “Why am I so lonely?” and “Should I just give up and call it quits in my marriage?”  Well, rather than begin down the painful path […]