6 Ways Family Games are a Winner

games to play with family

It seems to be increasingly rare for families to gather around the table together these days, with so many conflicting schedules. And it appears to be even harder to get them to put their cell phones down when they do. But table time together as a family is vital for building strong relationships—and not just […]

#126 7 Truths About Marriage (Podcast)

about marriage

Susan and I recently released our new books, Lists to Love By for Busy Husbands and Lists to Love By for Busy Wives and we both felt it very necessary to have our first list in both of our books be about truths. For today’s podcast, we will share with you 7 truths about marriage that we have come to know to keep us grounded and have become particularly important when we experience rough patches in our relationship.

6 Steps to Control Your Crazy Busy Life

busy life

In so many meetings and on phone calls I’ve had recently, I’ll ask the other person, “So, how you doing?” Most of the time I get a similar answer, something like, “Doin’ fine, just crazy busy!”

Now some people are stretched to the max through no fault of their own—maybe they are a single parent, or their spouse is sick or some other challenge is making them really busy. They’re not choosing the pressure, and they need all the help and support the rest of us can give them to keep going.