#111 6 Things That Keep Couples Connected (Podcast)

keep couples connected

Every husband and wife want to feel connected with one another…but sometimes busyness, the daily grind, stress and strain can get in the way and cause a feeling of NOT being connected…and when that happens, “marriage drift” sometimes occurs and you drift farther and farther apart without even knowing it.

The key to staying connected is to be intentional. 6 things you can be intentional about…

If your marriage is good, these six things can help you grow closer. If your marriage is so-so or even worse, they could help you give it a push in the right direction towards bonding time with your spouse. It’s important to stay connected as a couple and Susan and have learned these 6 things in our 27 years of marriage…

How Personality Tests Can Enrich Your Marriage

personality types

A friend recently told me about a bumper sticker that declares, “Remember, you are unique—just like everyone else!” It humorously reminds me that though we may share many similarities, ultimately we are all different—and understanding that about ourselves and our spouses is crucial. Knowing your different personality types can definitely help enrich your marriage.

Some differences are fairly obvious. You may be outgoing while they may be more of an introvert. You may be a night owl, they might be a morning lark. But other differences can be a bit more subtle, so when they surface they tend to catch you by surprise and can be a source of conflict.

#110 5 Bad Behaviors Your Kids Must Conquer (Podcast)

bad behaviors

As parents, we always wonder if we’re doing this thing, called parenting, right…doing everything we should. And what do you do when your child starts exhibiting some bad habits and behaviors at a very young age? Lying, cheating, showing disrespect…

Dealing with those bad habits can take thought and energy that can wear parents out. However, if left unchecked, they can grow into major problems down the line. It is important to engage the problem now in order to save them and us from more intense pain in the future. Here are some bad kid behavior issues that you need to break early.

It’s important to break bad behaviors early so Susan and I will be discussing 5 bad behaviors your kids must conquer on today’s show: