Lie 3: You Can Have it Now

crying boy


This is week three in the continuation of our five week series based on author Tim Elmore’s five lies found in his book Generation iY. I hope these have been as helpful for you as they have for me! The first two lies are listed here if you missed them.

Lie #3. “You can have it now.”

They get their fast food now. They get their toy now. They get their text now. They get their music now. They get their movie now.  Our children are being inundated with instant gratification. They’re being told you can have whatever you want and you can have it now. WAIT is a four letter word to them, and also to many of us too!

We all know this truth: Patience is a virtue. But practicing patience in a frantic world is tough. We need to have show and tell with our kids. We need to show them that we’re willing to wait…wait to buy that car until we have the money on hand to do so; wait to buy that dress that we’ve longed for. Then, we need to tell them they have to wait.  Wait until they earn enough and saved enough money doing their chores to buy the cell phone; wait until they’ve done all their homework to go out with their friends; and, wait until they’re married for sexual gratification.

What have you told your child they have to wait for?

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