Lie 2: It’s Your Choice

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This week we’ll look at the second lie that author Tim Elmore highlights in his book, Generation iY.  If you missed last week, here is Lie 1: You Can Be Anything You Want to Be.

Lie #2. “It’s Your Choice.”

We live in a world full of options.  Loads of clothing stores, hundreds of different cereals, thousands of new Apps, tons of t.v. channels, millions of iTunes downloads…choices, choices, and more choices.  You can even custom design the shoes of your choice online. Our children are growing up thinking that choices are infinite.  They’re not. But, unfortunately, many parents are allowing their kids to make too many choices at very young ages.

The truth is, when our kids are younger, most things should not be their choice.  From the time our children are born through the toddler years, we should start off making all choices for them. Then, when they get into the elementary years we can start giving them some basic choices out of two or three things.  For example, when our daughters were younger, I remember Susan saying “You can wear the red dress, the white dress, or the blue pants.  Which one do you choose?” Or, “You can watch this t.v. show or that t.v. show.  What would you like to do?”  She limited their choices.  She controlled the decision-making; they did not. Then, the number of choices they were offered increased over the years in proportion to their ability to make wise decisions. In other words, they had to earn it.

As we teach our children this truth—that it’s not always “your choice”—they will also better understand that there are certain things in life that they must do solely based on what a person of authority asks them to do.

What kind of choices do you let your child make and at what age?

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