Identity vs. Image


Do you really understand the difference between identity and image?  If you have children, are you teaching them to really understand who they are?  Watch and let me explain how critical it is to understand our worth…not just for us but for our children as well.

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  • Great

    Nice!! Great vid!!

  • Maria

    Love this! It is so true… especially the part of affirming them NOT for their accomplishments but just for who God made them to be. If we focus on the accomplishments all the time, when they fail they will feel worthless!!

  • I love the term your daughter used: the “bombsizzle!” YES! 🙂 Our kids deserve nothing less than to know how special and loved they are every day for just being them. Build them up so nothing can knock them down (cause life sure tries.) Thank you for this.

  • Samantha, the bombhizzle is a great word! My daughter is very creative!

  • PGal

    My last born child is not doing well at school and I have realised that I pestered him too much and forgot to tell him that he is able and he is loved. I think I have killed his self-esteem. I need to start doing things differently.

  • K

    great thing to remember!! We often care too much about what others think instead of valuing ourselves as the true person we are…I think even as adults we forget this…

  • GMA

    thank you.. I really needed this.