How to Protect Your Wife from the “Rats” in Her Life


My wife, Susan, came home the other day to find a special present that our dogs left for her.  The dogs found a dead rat in the back yard and brought their prize into our house. If you want proof, I submit to you the picture below that Susan took and texted to me along with a plea to get rid of the rat.

So I came to her rescue and disposed of our dogs’ not-so-thoughtful gift. I didn’t mind stopping what I was doing to help Susan.  In fact, I was pumped up about tossing that dead mouse in the trash because I love being my wife’s hero whenever I can.  One of the best ways to be a hero to your wife is simply to be there for her.  Being there allows you to rescue your wife from the “rats” in life.  Here are some “rats” that you can get rid of:

Rat in Merrill House

Fearsome Rats

Nothing makes us men feel more heroic than being able to give his wife a feeling of safety and security.  Whether it is holding her close during a wicked thunderstorm or getting rid of those nasty rodents and roaches, be the one she turns to for physical safety. Also, when ferocious financial challenges flare up or sparks of anger start igniting between your kids, be the one to help her feel secure by taking the lead to put those fires out.

Troublesome Rats

Some of us are handymen. We can fix anything around the house that breaks.  Others are better at problem-solving—dealing with the dilemmas of everyday life.  We can help our wives deal with those troublesome problems by being Mr. fix it. On the other hand, sometimes our wives don’t need us to fix something, they just need a sympathetic and  listening ear.

Tiresome Rats

We all live busy lives.  We all get overwhelmed. We all get tired. When Susan gets worn out from life’s challenges, I know I need to step up and take care of some of those rats so that Susan can get some rest. Whether it’s doing the laundry, dishes, vacuuming, cleaning, or cooking, I need to do whatever it takes to give her some temporary rest.

Rescuing our wives from the “rats” in their lives is just one way that we can be heroes to them.  Please check out other ways to be a hero to your wife by reading All Pro Dad’s 10 Ways to Be Your Wife’s Hero.

I’d also like your comments on what “rats” you rescue your wife from and how you do it.

Lastly, here are some more ways to be a heroic husband:

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